Meet-up on June 10th. Please read note…

The Stitch & Bitch will meet-up at our Panera, this Friday,  6/10, 1-3 pm.

Ladies, as a group we celebrate the best of times and rally around during challenging and difficult times. I’m writing, with permission from our dear Barb B. Over the past few weeks she has been dealing with a lot and coping with the nerve-wracking uncertainty involved with being diagnosed – in her case with Melanoma. It is early stage 1, the doctor said it is unlikely to have spread and they are taking every precaution. She is being treated at one of the best hospitals: Memorial Sloan Kettering. Surgery will be done early morning Thursday, 6/9. Please keep Barb, her doctors and her family in prayer.

Will keep you posted.


4 thoughts on “Meet-up on June 10th. Please read note…

  1. I am so shock and so sorry to read about Barb B! Of course, I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you , dear Dee. Send her a Big Hug on my name if you see her or talk to her. Please, keep me posted. Very sad news!

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  2. Sending good thoughts, prayers and love to Barb and her family during this tough time. Xxoo

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  3. As always, we will keep everyone in our prayers. Thanks for the info.

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