Meet-up on Friday, June 12, @ Uno’s!!!

Ladies, we’re changing it up this week and meeting at our favorite Uno’s
(downtown White Plains) on 6/12th – 1-3 pm. Free parking!

Update on our charity projects:

“Our Lucille Project”
(formerly, Midnight Run) has collected 24 adult hats and 10 scarves, so far.

“NICU” “We have 38 hats and 21 blankets to deliver to Chaplain Anne. We also have 10 hats for Lois.

Thank you everyone for your beautiful contributions” Susan W

“Warm hats from the Heart”
– accepting donations of Baby newborn hats for White Plains Hospital

Keep up the great work ladies!!


2 thoughts on “Meet-up on Friday, June 12, @ Uno’s!!!

  1. Sorry I can’t meet up at UNO’s. I’ll be in PA.
    I’m looking forward to the trip to CT on the 19th. 🙂 Joan

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