Meet-up on Friday, 2/6

Ladies, we will meet-up on Friday, 2/6, 1-3 pm @ Panera.

On Friday,  2/13 we’re having:
‘Charity Appreciation Lunch’
Understandably not everyone will be available to attend but
I will need a head count for the lunch so let me know only if you plan on attending.

The lunch is complimentary.


12 thoughts on “Meet-up on Friday, 2/6

  1. Hi Dee. I have a bag full of roving from Arg to donate. Someone called Jeanne? Was interesting in. I can’t make it on Friday cause I am going all day to Manhattan. Is there any chance I can meet someone in Scarsdale ( Ctral Avenue? To give the bag ? With this ice I am unable to make it to white Plains. I can make it to Joanne’s in Scarsdale and meet somebody there. I will be in the area tomorrow and Thursday noon and afternoon. A big hug and thank you Di, Marcela Zappi

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