Meet-up on Friday, 11/21 and 11/28?

Ladies, we will meet-up on Friday, at Panera from 1-3 p.m.

I’ll be there by 1:30 myself.

If you haven’t already signed up for the Luncheon please do so.

As for meeting up the day after Thanksgiving (11/28). I never do myself but a few have mentioned they would be interested. Life happens …please let others know if the S&B meet-up is in your plans. I would hate to see one person left sitting alone at the table.


5 thoughts on “Meet-up on Friday, 11/21 and 11/28?

  1. Hoping to be there this Friday unless I have to go to the doctor (I’ve been playing phone tag with him so I don’t know yet). As for day after Thanksgiving, I may still be in a food coma. LOL. If I can make it, I will be there – I’d love to be there even for a small group.

  2. I won’t be at Panera this Friday, but I WILL be there on the 28th (day after Thanksgiving.) I plan to go to the holiday party (plain salad please) and I’ll bring the $20 on the 28th. I hope to see a few gals on the 28th.

  3. I hope to see you all on this Friday. I will not be able to attend on Nov 28th, but certainly plan to be at our annual holiday party. Thank you Dahlia for your fearless leadership!

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