Meet-up for Friday, 9/19!!!! Corrected!!

The Stitch & Bitch will meet up on Friday, 9/19 at Panera, 1-3 pm.

Save these dates for day trips!

Friday, October 10th – Going to Cold Spring for the afternoon on the Metro North train (@Tarrytown). I’ll post more info soon.

Saturday, October 18th – Going to Rhinebeck Sheep & Wool Festival. We’ll need volunteer drivers and a head count so let me know. I’ll also post more info over the next few weeks. Last year we pre purchased tickets – avoid lines and you pay $9 instead of $12. Get yours here:


7 thoughts on “Meet-up for Friday, 9/19!!!! Corrected!!

  1. I definitely plan to go to Rhinebeck (as long as we’re going on the 18th!). Will go to Cold Spring too provided that someone can drive me. (I’ll need a ride to Rhinebeck, too.)

  2. Unfortunately, I will be unable to attend this week’s meeting. I will be at a Tech teachers’ beginning of the year gathering. As far as the 10th and 18th are concerned, those dates will depend on when we are in Detroit for the girls’ birthday. I will miss being with you on Friday. Have fun!!

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