Meet-up on Friday, 9/12

The Stitch & Bitch will meet-up on Friday, 9/12th at Panera, 1-3 p.m.

I hope everyone had a great Summer! It’s the 4th year Anniversary of the Stitch & Bitch ladies and a day trip is in order!!

Lois suggested (I agree!) that another day trip to Cold Spring is in order! Either, the 19th or 26th, we’ll decide on Friday.

Looking forward to seeing you!!



2 thoughts on “Meet-up on Friday, 9/12

  1. Hi Dahlia. Thanks for the invitation to go to Cold Spring. I’d like to go, but I have a morning appointment on the 19th, so what about the 26th? I’ll get back to you on this topic when I see you again. Thanks again.

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