Our Charities

As many of you already know (and have already created hats), we have added a NEW charity project to our growing list. Thanks to Lois!! “Hats from the Heart” for newborn babies at White Plains Hospital. Lois will be collecting and donating these year round. 

I’ve outlined our projects below. Keep up the great work ladies and the beautiful items you gift to others!!

NICU project (Marie Fareri Children’s Hospital) – Preemie size hats and blankets (8.5″x11″ and 11×17″). Susan W accepts, year round. Next donation first week of December.

Hat’s from the Heart (White Plains Hospital) – Baby sized hats – Lois accepts, year round

Midnight Run Holiday Drop (Midnight Run) – Adult size Hat/Scarves/Cowls/fingerless gloves) – Dahlia accepts, year round for Winter donation.

Lap-ghans for Veterans (Montrose V.A Nursing Home) Kathy F accepts, year round for Winter donation

Some patterns can be found under the patterns link. I will be adding a few more soon.

One thought on “Our Charities

  1. Dahlia, I keep forgetting to ask you or the others if Kathy F. is still collecting 8″ x 8″ squares for the large quilt her friend was making a couple of months ago. I’ve been so busy with family issues and other things, I haven’t the ones I started. Can I still bring them in when I’m done? Please let me know.

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