Meet-up on Friday, May 16th

Ladies, we will meet-up on Friday, 5/16 – 1 -3 p.m at Panera.

We’re making progress on our squares…keep them coming! I’m trying to collect as many as possible over the next few months. Some of the squares for


3 thoughts on “Meet-up on Friday, May 16th

  1. Dear Dahliadd I will be coming to this week’s meet up this Friday. Also on Joannes fabric and craft website, they said that they will allow crochet and knitting groups to use their classrooms during the summer months. You have to call the store and talk to the manager to see which days are available. Also the use of the classroom is free. Kathleen Jones Date: Tue, 13 May 2014 15:37:16 +0000 ]

  2. I’ll be in PA on this coming Friday and will miss all of my wonderful knitting friends. I’ve made 12 squares and am working on a few more. I’ll bring them on the 23rd.

    Happy Knitting! J Joan

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