Meet-up on 2/28 – At Bernadette’s home

Ladies, we will finally get to meet-up at Bernadette’s home this Friday, 1 p.m. Bring your WIP’s.

If there is someone passing through downtown White Plains and could carpool, post here. Our newest member, Kathy comes off the #20 bus and could use a ride to and from Bernadette’s.
Ann will be taking 3 of us: myself, Cheryl & Camille.

Let’s hope there is no snow or ice on the ground!!!

Happy to report, for those of you who don’t know, that Lucille is back at her home and will get treatment there.

THANK YOU to those who have offered and are taking a meal to Alexis & Mike this week. We still have Sunday & next week available if you would like to jump on board and help. Just send me PM or Email with the day you want.

5 thoughts on “Meet-up on 2/28 – At Bernadette’s home

  1. My car is back from the garage, is running fine and I now have a parking spot at my building.  So I  could also drive and my trusty gps will guide us to Bernadette’s house. That way Kathy and anyone else who may need a ride could come with me.  Let me know…


  2. I will miss seeing everyone the next two Fridays. I will be teaching some little cousins (ages 8 and 10) this Friday and the following I will be in the Albany area with my husband at the state Tech teachers conference. Look forward to seeing everyone on the 14th. P & L, Nancy

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