Highlights from the Sheep & Wool Festival

NYS&WF 2013 banner

We lucked out, we had cool and sunny weather – perfect for being outdoors. A huge thank you to our drivers, Joan and Karna! We enjoyed the scenic route that Joan mapped out for us; driving along the country roads we saw sheep and cow grazing…so beautiful!  The foliage was amazing, bright gold and reds – just gorgeous!

The festival was larger than I imagined and it was bustling! The fairgrounds have beautiful mature trees that are bursting with Gold leaves. There was a lot of seating area which was nice, there were also large picnic tables near the food area. The fiber was plentiful, stunning color, bags of fleece, handmade baskets, accessories in row after row of  pavilions. The food was standard festival goods but then we spotted “Aba’s Falafels” – certainly didn’t mind the long line!

My favorite part was with the animals. We got up-close with Sheep, Lamas, Alpacas – just amazing!!! A few of us were in the middle of the ‘parade’ of Lamas & Alpaca’s.  We saw Sheep shearing which was cool. We meet the 8 mo. old black one named Shadow, it was his first showing. I also saw a few bunnies and a beautiful large Angora bunny.

The pics you see of a gathering of people on a hill blanketed in gold leaves happens to be Raverly members who gather for a one huge photo-op. Me and Ann managed to get close enough to the front for the pic too.

Well, by 4 p.m. I was pooped!! I understand why so many attend both days…perhaps next year!!


2 thoughts on “Highlights from the Sheep & Wool Festival

  1. Beautiful pictures! you are great w/the camera & you were moving soo fast! & the way you put the WHOLE day in print/writing. fantastic! what a memory!! ok there was a man there
    w/his wife what color was she wearing? ann k. .

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