Countdown to the Rhinebeck Sheep & Wool festival

At this point we have 9 ladies confirmed and going to the festival on Saturday, 10/19.

If anyone else wants to go, and we can find another driver let me know so we can try to make arrangements.

We will be meeting early (at a local coffee shop – details given to those attending) for coffee/breakfast and hitting the road asap. If you are driving up on your own keep my cell # handy and shoot me a text if you want to meet-up.

What you will need:

Each passenger will pay their driver $10 for the ride.

A ticket to the Festival! You can save $ and avoid waiting on long lines by buying it online and printing your ticket. This is the link to buy a ticket:

Bring Cash!!! I’ve read forum posts of vendors who have had credit card machine issues with spotty connection in that area.

A large bag(s) for purchases.

Comfortable shoes & layered clothing.



2 thoughts on “Countdown to the Rhinebeck Sheep & Wool festival

  1. thanx Dahlia! I am all set to go have my ticket!(printed it) went to the foot doctor he said have fun!

    ann k.

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