Meet-up Friday 9/20 – Let’s Swap!!

Ladies, we will be meeting at Panera

on 9/20, 1 -3 p.m.

We’re having our first “Swap”

got yarn

Bring: yarn, fiber magazines, patterns, needles/hooks, related items/ accessories for swapping.

If you bring 2 or 3 items, you can select 2 – 3 items to take home, etc.

Any left over yarn can go to Susan’s ‘hat project’.


5 thoughts on “Meet-up Friday 9/20 – Let’s Swap!!

  1. Won’t be joining you tomorrow : ( A childhood friend will be on Long Island visiting her family (we used to live next door to each other), so I’ll be going to L.I. to see her. I haven’t seen her in years … there will be lots of catching up and lots of laughs (our mothers are going to be with us too – how cute is that?). I’ve been missing you guys and missing all these great happenings you’ve been having! Enjoy and see you next week!!!!

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