Day trip to Cold Spring, this Friday!!

OK ladies, this Friday 9/13, we’ll meet at the Tarrytown Train station at 11:30 a.m. We’re allowing extra time to get train tickets, and parking pass.

Regarding parking at Tarrytown at the train station here is what we found out. Day long parking is $10 per car. You MUST buy a “day pass” at the Police dept/site…directly across the Tarrytown train station, on Franklin St. (as you drive down Franklin it is on your immediate right hand side as you come down that hill, just before the train station. Go into the side door that says ‘Police’ and buy a day pass for $10, >> MUST HAVE EXACT CHANGE!!<< Be sure to ask for driving directions to the parking area. It is over an overpass which loops you around to the other side of the tracks down to an open parking area.

Carpool peeps should pool money together to pay for the parking pass. Thank you to the drivers!

Another option a few of us are going to do is hop on the Tappan Zee Express bus that takes you directly in front of the Tarrytown train station. We’ll meet at 11:00 am. downtown, on Martine Ave /off Court St (on the side of 7-11) bus stops in the center of the block.

Anyone driving in can park at the Galleria Mall. and walk out through Macy’s (on Martine Ave & Court St).

I will have my phone, feel free to call/text, if needed.

The weather is suppose to be gorgeous, yay!! Bring your WIPS!!


One thought on “Day trip to Cold Spring, this Friday!!

  1. My town!!
    The park by the river gazebo is lovely for knitting.
    You will love the train ride. You may have to change trains at Croton.

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