Meet-up on 7/26

Ladies, for the next two weeks we will be meeting at different locations. This upcoming Friday:

We will meet-up @ Hastings Tea

235 Main Street,

(across the street from Atlanta Bread)

Friday, 7/26, 1 p.m. – 3 p.m.

I confirmed our visit, they’re happy to have us. I was also told that since they do not yet serve lunch items, it would be fine if we wanted to bring in a snack/sandwich.

 I’m looking forward to having their Iced Pineapple Green Tea…very refreshing.

RSVP if you plan on attending.

For those who don’t know…last Friday we had a last minute change of venue. The air conditioning at  Panera was barely working. Amy said the a/c repairman was on his way but it was too uncomfortable to sit & stitch.

Instead, we went across the street to the cool Lilli Pilli Berry Bar. For those who’d confirmed and I had mobile #’s, I was able to send an alert text in time.

MARK YOUR CALENDAR: On Friday 8/2 we will meet-up at Uno Chicago Grill

It will be nice seeing Pat again, bringing our projects and enjoying a lunch special.

I’ll post more info next week.


4 thoughts on “Meet-up on 7/26

  1. Great!! Hastings Tea was so nice last time. Mike and I have been going to Uno’s quite a bit lately and we’ve made a discovery: they have really good burgers! Count me in for both.

  2. Hi Dahlia, & Ladies,

    Can’t make it this week! hope to see you @ the next S&B @ UNO’S.

    ann k.

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