Meet-up on 7/19

The Stitch & Bitch of Westchester County

will meet on Friday, 7/19 – 1 p.m.

@ Panera…the a/c is working well!

RSVP only if you plan on attending!

Watermelon crochet


8 thoughts on “Meet-up on 7/19

  1. Hi Dahli, I will be there fri. also thank you for the call wed. night I was in Mamaroneck & did not have you tel.# to call back!were you able to SELL my seat @ a premium $$ (my humor). hugs, ann K

  2. We missed you Ann! You know where to find me every Wednesday evening! Wish I’d thought of selling it! You’d be pleased to know I gave it to a very sweet older woman who yelled out (when the sax was playing) “ooo, he’s ‘da bomb”!!! So funny!!

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