Meet-up on 6/28 — at Hastings Tea!!

Downtown White Plains Has a new tea shop,

Hastings Tea, 235 Main Street

(previously a Print store, in front of the Noodles restaurant).

Hastings Tea opened mid June 2013

It’s a small tea shop with adequate seating. I stopped in and met one of the owners and his team. I also mentioned having the Stitch & Bitch meet-up there this coming Friday – they are happy to have us!! Business in not yet thriving but I’m hoping they do well. I love seeing small shops like this.

Hastings Tea have an assortment of teas as well as coffee (iced & hot) lattes, fruit & tea smoothies. As well as an assortment of pastries and fresh fruit for sale. Soon they will also sell salad and sandwiches. As for lunch, plan on a light lunch of fruit/pastry/coffee/smoothie/tea etc. Considering it is a small establishment it’s best not to bring in any food/snacks rather we patronize this new business.

This is Robert (one of the owners)

Hastings Tea Mgr Robert

the team, Manager, Ryder & Danielle.

Hastings Tea June 2013

So, bring a small project on Friday and let’s have some tea!! I’m looking forward to it!


9 thoughts on “Meet-up on 6/28 — at Hastings Tea!!

  1. Great idea. I doubt I can make it. I have a visitor from SA starting Thursday. I will probably be showing him our beautiful river. I hope this place is a good alternative.

  2. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make it this Friday – it sounds like a terrific afternoon, enjoy!!! Carol’s reply said Happy Birthday … so, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! Wishing you all good things and much love and happiness!

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