Meet-up for 3/15

If you miss an e-mail reminder just visit this blog. A weekly post on the upcoming meet-up will be available for you to RSVP.

No need to respond if you cannot make it.

Our next meet-up is on Friday, 3/15 @ 1 p.m. @ Panera


7 thoughts on “Meet-up for 3/15

  1. I’m scheduled for arthroscopic knee surgery Friday (I’ve got a small piece of cartilage floating around that’s going to be removed – it should be no big deal). And – I won’t be able to join you 3/22 either (my son is having his wisdom teeth removed.). I’m totally bummed and I’ll miss joining you but I’ll see you in a couple of weeks … and enjoy tea time in Tarrytown : ) Irene

  2. My grandson turns 6 on Friday….will be celebrating with “my boy” and his family…..will be thinking of all of you!

  3. Hi Dhalila How are you? Missing you and trying to go to the Panera meeting this Friday. Could you please tell me where is located, please Thank you very much and have a nice week end! Marcela Zappi ( Lucia’s friend) 🙂

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    • Hey Marcela – How nice that you’ll join us!

      Panera, in downtown White Plains, the address is: 1 N Broadway, White Plains, NY. Go to Google map and put your starting address in. It is located at the same building as Walmart. You can also park across the street at the City Center parking lot.

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