Helping those effected by Hurricane Sandy – Update 11/17

Great job ladies!! Here are some of the gorgeous knitted & Crocheted items made by you fabulous ladies!! Cindy says it will be going out to Belle Harbor tomorrow.








I love our group and how so many of us find ways to give to those in need.I will always support such causes! This is from our Cindy:

Dear Friends,

I am inviting you to join me to knit or crochet hats, scarfs, cowls, handwarmers, etc. to be donated to those impacted by Hurricane Sandy.

I will host a ‘knitting salon” at my home on Monday, November 12 from 12 noon – 4 pm.  I hope this will be one of several times we join together over the next month or so to create gifts of warmth.  Via my synagogue’s social action committee, these items will be distributed to those in need.  I will also keep a collection box on my front porch so anyone can drop items off when convenient for them.  

Let’s keep this simple.  Either hand knit or store purchased items are welcome.  Please feel free to bring a friend who you think might want to join us or just contribute.

Please bring your own yarn, needles/crochet hooks and a pattern you want to make.  If needed, I am happy to help you find a pattern for something you want to make.
If you know of someone who is thinking about learning to knit, invite them too.  If you have any yarn or needles to donate, that would be helpful – but it is not required.  

I would like to keep this simple for myself as well.  This is a BYOL/S afternoon.  Which means: bring your own lunch or snack.  I’ll provide beverages and candy bars (we will have TONS from the Halloween that never was…).

We already have our first donated item.  Kathy from our knitting group donated a hand knit hat.

I hope you can make it on Monday.  I know this is short notice, but I just feel the need to do something fast.   

I would appreciate an email if you are thinking of coming over. I live in Rye. please free to email ( /call me for further information.  I look forward to seeing you soon.

Best,   Cindy

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