Lucille is on the road to recovery

Lucille’s surgery went well. Both Lois and Susan have made brief visits.
Yesterday Susan wrote this:

” I stopped by after knitting and has a brief visit with Lucille. Her spirits were good. She was yearning for a drink of water which will have to wait until the nasal tube is removed.She is recruiting the nursing staff for S&B. She is so grateful for all your prayers and good  wishes. Right now she is extremely susceptible to infection. You have to wear a sterile gown and gloves to enter her room.  I will visit by phone until she is stronger and it is safer  to visit.

Lucille and her family appreciate all your prayers and good wishes. Please continue them to support them over this very stressful time”.

2 thoughts on “Lucille is on the road to recovery

  1. I also stopped by yesterday to deliver our card of LOVE to Lucille….patients always look poorly after major surgery, but she will heal in time….keep the prayers directed towards her and her family….I think she truly appreciates our friendship…since she was also a volunteer at the hospital, I’ll notify our director who will also add to her recuperation!
    Phone calls are fine…romm 558…Lois

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