Meeting @ AB

Our group (14 of us) met at Atlanta Bread yesterday and most liked the venue. I am pleased with the response from both the manager & assistant manager who not only “reserved” the tables but it was all set up for us. They also provided complimentary coffee/tea! And hallelujah!!!… their air conditioning is fantastic!

A motto I ascribe to I learned in College (back in the Occupational Therapy program)   “Adaptation to your situation”. There will be times things might not always be ideal or preferred. It does not always mean it will be perfect but doable. At this time most of us want to have a cool & convenient (for me that means I must be able to walk from my home) environment to enjoy our S&B meetings. Therefore, we will remain at Atlanta Bread …until our “home” base @ Panera is usable.

Barbara modeling her newest addition to her gorgeous knitted hats…gr8 job!!


5 thoughts on “Meeting @ AB

  1. I haven’t been able to make the “meetings” and will have a tough time in June also. Are we changing the venue?

    • Just thinking of you today Karna! We’re changing for the Summer. The a/c @ P is still not working well enough for us to enjoy spending two hours there. We’ll return to P in the cooler months.

  2. love that hat!
    I totally understand on the AC issue. I’ve missed you again – daughter home on break and we had the task of finding her an evening gown for her recital while they’re profuse. Success! Wish I could show it to you.
    Are meetings still at same time/day? If so, I’ll run it by another knitting buddy who’s local.

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