Art & a Stitch & ‘Nic (picnic)

Twelve of us spent an afternoon at Greenburgh Town hall viewing Art work of local Artists.

Two of our members, Susan and Lorraine had beautiful work on display. We were fortunate to have Susan with us who gave us the story of some of the pieces as well as the details of her art (a very beautiful love story of her and her husband).

There were over 145 pieces of Art of different mediums shown over two floors in the town hall building. Each Artist has one painting on display. The Art will stay on display through the first week of May. Some of the pieces will travel to other venues as well. I’m already looking forward to making the opening show next year where all the artists gather. Some of the art is for sale, others not.

A closer look at our artists, Susan & Lorraine’s paintings.


3 thoughts on “Art & a Stitch & ‘Nic (picnic)

  1. I am in awe of such talent! Such creative flow……from knitting needles to paintbrush and art media….congratulations !

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