Stitch & Bitch went shopping…

Thirteen Stitch & Bitches converged @ Lion Brand Outlet in NJ yesterday…we had a blast searching the aisles, finding deals and digging into discounted bins of all things YARN!

The statue of Liberty greeted us at the door draped in an afghan of Homespun.

Fiber art & objects were display throughout the outlet.

Prices were amazing… a 3 pack  (7oz each) pack of Vanna’s Baby yarn,  Vanna’s Choice… for $10!

Several discounted bins throughout the outlet of Homespun, Fun Fur, Books, & Kits for as low as $3!!

Carts were overflowing!!!

Lola, (LBY mascot) & Office M sat up on the cashier watching as carts one after the other unloaded, credit cards signed and happy shoppers left with bags full!


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