Stitch & Bitch Member, In the Spotlight…

In the Spotlight will feature one of our members charity cause and how we can help.

Our very own Kathy operates the Hudson Valley Pet Food Pantry.

They are having a Spring Fling fundraiser to “help feed our pets”. There will be a Wine & cheese happy hour, buffet dinner and a silent auction on April 30th.

Kathy says:

“We started the ground work on the pantry about 3 1/2 years ago. March 2011 we served our first clients. We had about 12 total. May of 2011 we were in full swing. We now have 126 clients. We provide pet food to people that are economically challenged.

When we get a request from a potential client I send them an application. Once they complete the application they return it to me with proof of their income and a copy of a photo ID. I then call and speak with them to find out what types of pet food they use. The 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month is when clients come to the pantry.

I also deliver to client at the Slater Center and volunteers deliver to home bound clients.

We have many volunteers that help us on a weekly basis. If it wasn’t for volunteers we wouldn’t be able to accomplish all that we do. We do pet food drives at numerous grocery and pet stores. We can always use help at the pantry.

Also, if anyone wants to run a pet food drive for us that would be wonderful. We are always in need of pet food donations. At the present time we need at least 1,200 cans of Friskies per month. That doesn’t count for all of the other types of pet food that is needed. Any help is greatly appreciated. I can be reached at 914-907-3487” Kathy


2 thoughts on “Stitch & Bitch Member, In the Spotlight…

  1. As a happy pet owner and pet sitter, I love this idea. I don’t have funds to give at this stage, but I do have time. Please let me know how I can give time when you need someone. I wouldn’t mind helping in the pantry and driving to homebound clients. It’s a wonderful work that you’ve set up. May it thrive and always have enough!

  2. This is such a wonderful blessing to those in need!! ❤

    Another help is with coupons…don't toss them! The "buy one get one" and the high value pet food Q's go a long way! So, save & share them!

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