What’s happening…

We’ve moved our ‘yahoo group’ to a Facebook group instead. I’m available to help anyone not already on FB create a profile, just let me know! This blog will be our “public forum”.

We’ve just completed our latest Valentine’s Day charity project: “Valuing our Veterans” for our local American Legion. We have close to 30 count hats & scarves, last I counted!

Our weekly meetings at Panera Cafe are averaging 14 members these days! Imagine if all 22 + members showed up!?…somehow we’ll make it happen!

Some of us will be taking part in our first “evening trip”! We’ll be heading into NYC to join the Big Apple Knitters Guild for the evening where guest speaker Jack Blumenthal, VP of Lion Brand Yarn will be speaking! I’m excited! Just recently a few of the ladies discussed taking a day trip to visit the Lion Brand Yarn studio so when the invite was extended I was thrilled! Thank you Lucia!!

I love LBY, the texture & feel are wonderful to work with. Some of us used Vanna’s Choice & Wool Ease on our recent Veteran’s project … pics to come shortly!


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